Leading Women of Tomorrow

 Today, women comprise only 23.3%of legislatures across the world. 

Leading Women of Tomorrow is a student run, bipartisan initiative that seeks to encourage more young women to consider careers in public service, with the aim of bridging the gender gap among public representatives. We believe the key to addressing the underrepresentation of women in government is to cultivate interest in the next generation. We are partnering with Colleges and Universities across the world to launch a series of programs that will provide training, resources, and confidence to tomorrow's leaders.


The Challenge

Recent studies report that the top 5 factors that "contribute to the gender gap in political ambition among college students [include]:

  1. Young men are more likely than young women to be socialized by their parents to think about politics as a career path.

  2. From their school experiences to their peer associations to their media habits, young women tend to be exposed to less political information and discussion than do young men.

  3. Young men are more likely than young women to have played organized sports and care about winning.

  4. Young women are less likely than young men to receive encouragement to run for of ce – from anyone.

  5. Young women are less likely than young men to think they will be quali ed to run for of ce, even once they are established in their careers. "

(Lawless, Jennifer L, and Richard L Fox. Girls Just Wanna Not Run The Gender Gap in Young Americans’ Political Ambition.)


Our Solution

Leading Women of Tomorrow has designed a series of discussion-based programs that rigorously prepare future advocates, policy makers, and candidates. We hope to empower our members by providing them with a strong foundation of leadership skills, network of mentors, and community of inspiring peers. 



continued growth

The underrepresentation of women in government is truly a global phenomena. The Inter-Parlimentary Union reports that as of June 2016, there were still 38 States where women comprised less than 10% of parliamentarians in at least one house. Leading Women of Tomorrow is working to spread our initiative across the world by expanding our series of workshops and Chapters in the upcoming year.