Our Story.


Like many aspiring public officials, my love for government and politics was born from a desire to better my community and country. But throughout my career, I've heard countless arguments discouraging me from pursuing this passion that essentially boil down to my gender. The intense media scrutiny, repercussions on family life, and ability to handle the Washington "boy's club" are the cautionary tales many young women have been socialized to. 

Unwilling to accept this status quo and inspired by the talent, optimism, and determination of our peers, the founding team gathered to develop a more proactive solution to the gender gap among public representatives. Thus, Leading Women of Tomorrow was born. 


Our organization strives to equip more undergraduate women with the skills, resources, and confidence to become advocates in their  professional fields, with the goal of creating a broader network of change-makers in the next generation. For our vision, Leading Women of Tomorrow was awarded the Resolution Fellowship at the 2017 United Nations Youth Assembly. 

We work with leaders from campuses across the country to develop innovative programming, ranging from speaker series with world-renowned experts  to engaging thematic workshops. Since our inception, Leading Women of Tomorrow has been committed to fostering a spirit of ingenuity among our members. As this movement continues to grow, I look forward to watching the ripples of progress our members will undoubtedly create.


Medha Reddy  Founder, CEO

Medha Reddy
Founder, CEO

Recognition at the 2017 United Nations Youth Assembly

Recognition at the 2017 United Nations Youth Assembly